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私たちは、何年もの間、日本のエンターテインメント ニュースを生き、呼吸してきた情熱的なエンターテインメント ニュース ジャンキーの小さなチームです。

私たちは、有名人の最新のゴシップを分析し、日本のポップ カルチャーの最新トレンドを分析することを何よりも愛しています。私たちはエンターテインメントのすべてに夢中になっており、私たちの情熱を世界と共有したいと考えています。当サイトへようこそ!

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Video: Renters face charging woes in shift toward EVs

私たちは、何年もの間、日本のエンターテインメント ニュースを生き、呼吸してきた情熱的なエンターテインメント ニュース ジャンキーの小さなチームです。

places faces, 2022-10-30, Renters face charging woes in shift toward EVs, (25 Oct 2022) US ELECTRIC VEHICLES

LENGTH: 2:48
San Francisco – 23 September 2022
1. Various of electric cords and charging cords for electric vehicles strung across public sidewalks
Portland, Oregon – 6 October 2022
2. SOUNDBITE (English) Jeff Allen, executive director of Forth:
“We have a really large challenge right now with making it easy for people to charge who live in apartments. It’s a large percentage of the U.S. population that lives in apartments or condominiums or otherwise can’t charge at home. Depending on what part of the country you’re in, it can easily be half to population and we really need to make electric vehicles accessible for those people.”
Portland, Oregon – 30 September, 2022
3. Moving shot of length of extension cord ending with plug in EV
4. Close of plug UPSOUND (English) Rebecca DeWhitt, EV owner and renter, “So there’s a little bit of burning on this side, right by the prong.”
5. Wide of DeWhitt attaching cable to extension cord UPSOUND (English) “If we lived in a place where we could plug into the garage, we’d plug this right into the wall but because we don’t, this is where we plug into the extension cord.”
6. Rebecca DeWhitt plugs in her car
7. SOUNDBITE (English) Rebecca DeWhitt, EV owner and renter:
“We’re not supposed to park in our driveway, but the only way that we can charge more safely is to use a shorter extension cord that’s thicker gauge.”
8. Close of the extension cord plugged into the socket
Portland, Oregon – 30 September 2022
9. Stephanie Terrell, an EV owner and renter, in her car as it charges at a public station
10. Close of charging sign on ground
11. SOUNDBITE (English) Stephanie Terrell, EV owner and renter:
“I was really worried I wasn’t going to make it, but luckily I made it here. But now I just had to wait a couple of hours to even use it because I can’t go any further.”
12. Terrell finishes charging her car
Los Angeles – 4 October 2022
13. Various of a street-pole public charging station in the downtown area
14. SOUNDBITE (English) Yamen Nanne, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power:
“We’re installing level two chargers for EVs on city facilities, on power poles, on street light poles, at public libraries, throughout several facilities that are accessible to the public.”
16. Various of Nanne charging his work vehicle
17. SOUNDBITE (English) Yamen Nanne, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power:
“We’re seeing a really good uptake in the lead up to California’s all-EV regulation. And we hope to as a utility and as a city to continue supporting that.”
18. Various of cars charging at street pole chargers
The soaring popularity of electric vehicles is throwing up the dilemma of how to charge them.
Americans who live in apartment complexes and don’t have private garages are being forced to lay electric cables across sidewalks or wait in line at public charging stations.
Less of a hazard for the environment, but more of a trip hazard to passing pedestrians.
These electric vehicles need to be charged, but how can that be done safely?
Tax incentives and high gas prices make this an attractive transport option – but the infrastructure isn’t keeping up with demand.
Americans who live in apartments without private garages are stringing extension cords across sidewalks to power up their cars.
Rebecca DeWhitt rents a house but isn’t allowed to use the garage.
Their first cord charred from the strong current and stopped working.

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